Weldless Brewstand; 3D Design and Renderings

Yup; I just leveled up my nerd experience.

With the recent system upgrades to an all-grain brewing set-up it has come to my attention that mash tuns and keggles full of wort and grain at high temperatures are neither easy nor safe to move (duh).  Thus following the natural progression of moving into all-grain brewing the need for a brewstand has emerged. Trying to minimize (more) costs, and avoid purchasing/maintaining pumps, the first brewstand will be based on a gravity fed design.

And let’s be honest…why WOULDN’T you layout brewstand concepts utilizing 3D software?

Step 1:  Build the components



Mash tun


Burner stand


Step 2:  Explore Assembly options

Option 1; Individual Stands


Option 2; Combined stands with storage shelf


Option 2: Production Mode


Option 2: Storage Mode

The main goal of the 3D model was to focus on key dimensions, primarily component widths and heights, in an effort to minimize the total assembly’s vertical height.  Currently both options have the top of the Lauter tun ~6′-4″ above finished floor.  The secondary goal was to gain a sense of the spacial requirement of the entire assembly while keeping wood lengths at reasonable and easy to measure/cut dimensions.  No- 4/64″ cuts here…

The colors, handles, extrusions, and material properties were just added bonuses and a fun way to learn some new tricks in the 3D software (REVIT).

Once I find time to actually construct either one of the above options I’ll add some assembly photos and a wood bill of material with lengths.



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