DIY Wood Carboy Crate

There is no “simple” method of moving a glass carboy full of liquid.  Fact.  

Moving a glass carboy full of liquid is not only challenging but also poses numerous safety risks (check out this thread on the HomeBrewTalk Forum for extremely graphic examples:  Broken Glass Carboy Horror Stories Compendium).

Problem(s):  most of the traditional methods of transporting carboys include:

  • Nylon/Vinyl straps which can tear
  • Neck handles which add unnecessary strain to carboy necks (-and should really only be used for balancing IMHO)
  • Glass carboys are slippery when wet
  • and finally… there is no commercially available standalone carrier which also offers protections from exterior bumps and dings while transporting

Solution(s):  crates.

  • Plastic milk crates are dependent on availability and don’t fully cover/protect the carboy in it’s entirety
  • Wooden crates- a simple & an inexpensive DIY solution which fully cover/protect the carboy. We have a winner!

Now-  to be fair-  this is not an original idea.  I’ve seen many variations of wooden carboy crates and wanted try one out myself.

Supplies:  (2) 4″ x 1″ x 8′, (1) 2″ x 2″ x 8′, (1) 2″ x 4″ x 8′, 1-7/8″ Nails, 2″ Screws

Lessons learned (and relearned):

  1. Measure twice.  Cut once.
  2. Do fittings once each tier is completed.   As it turns out the carboy in the below photographs tapers slightly in width from bottom to top (who knew?).  Depending how “snug” you want the carboy to rest inside the crate will depend on the final dimensions; See Lessons learned #1 above.
  3. Leave enough space between the top of the carboy and top of crate to account for airlock protection.  This way the airlock won’t get caught on clothes, doorways, doors, beards?, etc. in transportation.
  4. Countersink and pre-drill holes for the bottom assembly. Wood can and will split.  Countersunk holes protect flooring from coming in contact with screw heads (maybe Casters next iteration?)
  5. Finally… Measure twice.  Cut once.


While there is no foolproof method for moving full glass carboys the wooden crate does address all of the above problems consequently minimizing transportation risks.  Remember glass is not indestructible.. regardless of thickness. The multiple tiers also double as structural reinforcements as well as handles for transportation. Overall extremely pleased.  Loudmouth Brewer tested and approved.


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