Review: FastRack Bottle Drying and Storage

Ask and thou shalt receive. 

I recently reached out to FastRack and they reached back by sending me their two tier bottle drying system (& drip tray) for a truly unbiased review. But does it really work? Let’s get down to business.

Space Saving?  Yup.

Before FastRack

After FastRack

Not in use?  No worries.

Fact.  This thing is extremely compact empty.  In the below photo Left to Right:  Empty 22 oz beer bottle, 2 tier FastRack w/ Drip tray, empty 12 oz beer bottle.

FastRack empty

Drip tray = Genius.

Wet cardboard/beer boxes fail…   wet paper towels are a onetime use…   cloth rags are a breeding ground for bacteria/mold/fungus… & all three of the previous have limited absorption capacity.  While the drip tray is a simple concept it is overwhelmingly clear a lot of thought was put into the design.   And best of all… it’s a cleanable and reusable feature.  If it fills up- dump it out.

Stack-able? yes (& no)  

IF all the bottles are the same make & size per each tier- no problem. However mixing and matching bottle types result in a non-level surface for stacking subsequent tiers (Definitely not a deal breaker)

Recommendations?  Of course-

  1. Adjustable locking legs on each tray would solve the stacking stability issues caused from the use of varying beer bottle types on same tiers.  (Boom -you can put the check in the mail)
  2. The Label design is solid-  the application of the label on the product needs improvement.  IMO the label is what communicates with customers.  If the label looks sub-par customers will also assume the product is sub-par.  I checked out some FastRack inventory at my local homebrew store and found similar logo quality concerns -see below photo:

Loudmouth Brewer: FastRack Bottling System Review


FastRack is an excellent tool for storage, cleaning, drying, sanitizing, and overall bottle management.  Let’s face it -nobody likes empty beer bottles on the kitchen counter, in the dishwasher, on a bottling tree, -or creatively “stacked” in various rooms.  This is truly an all-in-one solution to your bottle management needs.  A clear choice for any homebrewer.  Loudmouth Brewer tested and approved.

Check them out @


Loudmouth Brewer

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